25 Best Shower Curtain Ideas for Any Bathroom

A bathroom displaying a creative shower curtain idea.

Are you tired of staring at that plain and boring bathroom every time you step into it? Do you desire a more fashionable and elegant bathroom? Congratulations! Dull and boring bathrooms are a thing of the past! Here, we’ll offer you the 25 best shower curtain ideas.

These shower curtain ideas will not only give your bathroom a fresh new look but also enhance its functions. Say goodbye to your old-fashioned shower curtains and hello to colorful, patterned, and stylish new ones. Get ready to level up your bathroom with these incredible shower curtain ideas!

Shower Curtain Ideas in Colors

As a basic element in decorations, colors play an important role in shower curtain ideas. They can instantly upgrade your bathroom.

Solid Colors

1. Earth-toned Colors

A bathroom with shower curtain idea in a earth-toned color

The earth-toned color palette typically includes warm and muted shades of brown, green, gray, and beige. Other colors, like muted shades of orange, red, and yellow, can also be included in the earth-toned colors.

The earth-toned colors are usually soothing and warm. Using shower curtain ideas in an earth-toned color can convey feelings of warmth, security, and peace. After a long day’s work, with these curtains, you can enjoy a more relaxing time bathing.

2. Neutral Colors

A bathroom with a neutral-colored shower curtain

The four most common neutral colors are black, white, brown, and grey, which represent peace, calm, and reliability. A neutral-toned shower curtain perfectly matches colorful wallpaper or tiles. These curtains won’t overpower the rest of the bathroom and will make your bathroom more inviting.

Color Combinations

3. Bright and Bold Colors

A bathroom with a yellow shower curtain

An easy way to change your bathroom is to add a colorful shower curtain, especially when you have a white bathroom. Shower curtains in bright and vibrant colors, like hot pink, lemon yellow, or fluorescent green, can easily be the focus of your bathroom and catch your eyes. These colors represent optimism, enthusiasm, and passion. Maybe next time, when you’re blue, showering in such a bathtub can cheer you up.

Shower Curtain Ideas in Patterns

For interior design, patterns are also an essential element. Different patterned shower curtains can give your space a unique look, especially when your bathroom color is dull.

Plant Patterns

4. Jungle

A tropical shower curtain idea

If you’re a rain forest lover, don’t miss this shower curtain idea!

The patterns of Monstera leaves and Strelitzia reginae can easily help you think of the hot, wet, and lively jungle. Also, a lot of mushrooms represent the mysterious and dangerous jungle.

With these shower curtains, you can add similar plants to help enhance the natural theme. Or you can showcase the jungle theme through the wall paintings.

5. Forest

A shower curtain with a forest and mountain scene

Similar to jungles, a forest shower curtain is a symbol of nature too. If you prefer wild and natural scenes, try this style of shower curtain with the mist-covered forest and towering mountains surrounding it to bring the beauty of nature into your bathroom. When taking a shower, you will step into a world of tranquility, accompanied by the coolness of the early morning and the fragrance of trees.

6. Pineapple

Shower curtain idea with pineapples

It’s obvious that a shower curtain idea in pineapple patterns has a tropical vibe. Whether you’re looking for an accessory for your tropical house or want to memorize the vacation days, a pineapple shower curtain is what your bathroom needs.

If your bathroom design is in a coastal style, don’t miss this type of shower curtain with three pineapples on the beach, which brings you a fun and sunny atmosphere. Bathing with such a curtain is like swimming in the blue ocean, which creates peace, calm, and coolness.

7. Mandala

A mandala-inspired shower curtain idea

A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas are employed for focusing the attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. (From Wikipedia)

In modern bathrooms, we use mandala patterns as the absolute focal point of the decorations. They can create a mysterious and artistic atmosphere. These mandalas also come in hundreds of colors, so different colors of mandalas bring different vibes to your bathroom.

If you’re a yoga lover, we sincerely recommend the mandala shower curtains.

8. Floral

A bathroom with a floral shower curtain idea

Tired of a white shower curtain? Why not try the new floral show curtain ideas? Whether you have a neutral bathroom or you’re a woman who wants more elegant, romantic, and feminine vibes, a floral shower curtain is always a good choice. It draws inspiration from the warm spring, which will give off a warm, vibrant, and cozy feeling.

In order to keep the flowers as the main focal point, remember to choose bath towels and other bathroom supplies in soft or pastel colors. What’s more, you can add similar flower items in your bathroom, like floral wall art and faux plants, to deepen the floral theme.

Animal Patterns

If you’re interested in some unique patterns, an animal curtain is one of the best shower curtain ideas you’ll love. They are especially suitable for animal lovers and families with kids.

9. Dolphin

shower curtain idea with dolphins

Generally speaking, dolphins represent peace and harmony. As a kind of joyful and intelligent ocean animal, using a dolphin shower curtain can immediately level up your bathroom. It brings not only the fun and playfulness but also the freedom of the ocean.

Look at this special dolphin shower curtain. It describes a beautiful scene of dolphins leaping over the ocean, set against a starry night sky with a glowing full moon. Try this curtain to experience the blue ocean and graceful dolphins all around you, regardless of whether you are an animal or ocean lover.

10. Shark

A shark-themed shower curtain idea

Different from a cute dolphin shower curtain, a shark curtain is more eye-catching, bringing the thrill of the ocean to your bathroom and turning your bathroom into an underwater paradise.

What’s more, if you’re a big fan of the movie ‘Jaws’, you should never miss this shower curtain. It depicts a vivid image of a giant shark swimming towards you. It will remind you of those exciting scenes and make you immerse yourself in the movie.

11. Giraffe and Elephant

shower curtain idea with a giraffe and elephant

Now, turn your sight from the glittering ocean to the vast African Savannah, which is definitely paradise for any wildlife lover. It’s time to experience the wild and natural beauty of Africa.

Look at this shower curtain with a giraffe and elephant standing in the warm sunset. It brings tranquility and comfort to your bathroom. You can also choose an animal rug to deepen the animal theme.

12. Flamingo

Pink flamingo shower curtain - a creative shower curtain idea

Before, we mentioned pineapples as a tropical element. There is another classic tropical element: flamingo.

With its distinctive pink plumage, a flamingo shower curtain can instantly immerse you in the tropical forest and be a unique addition to your bathroom.

13. Bear

A unique farmhouse shower curtain featuring bears amidst trees and cabins

Of all the bathroom designs, a farmhouse bathroom is easily the most relaxing and comfortable. Therefore, curtains like a farmhouse shower curtain can greatly improve your bath time.

Throw our rustic bear shower curtain into your bathroom to enhance the farmhouse style, whether you live in the remote countryside or in the center of a modern city.

To add more farmhouse charm, you can choose some other rustic decorations, like a wooden bathroom floor, white wooden shelves, or green plants.

14. Wolf

Wolf howling at the moon on a shower curtain

The wolf, as a symbol of freedom and strength, can convey a sense of nature and wilderness. If you’re fond of the wild, try our wolf shower curtain to transform your bathroom into a realm of adventure and mystery. This wolf design describes a mystical image of a lone wolf howling on a rock against a starry night.

Additionally, the wolf curtain enhances your bathroom’s natural elegance and reflects your appreciation for wildlife.

15. Sloth

A shower curtain idea featuring sloths and rainbows

Have you ever watched the movie ‘Zootopia’? If you have, you must have a deep impression of the role ‘Flash Slothmore’! He’s an adorable sloth who brings a lot of laughter to the audience.

Therefore, whether you like the role or you live with kids, choose our sloth shower curtain with the rainbow design to add a touch of calm, healing, and playfulness to your bathroom.

Abstract Patterns

16. Abstract

A 3D abstract colorful shower curtain idea

Unlike traditional shower curtain ideas, an abstract one is filled with a sense of modernity, creativity, and individuality. It can be designed in numerous shapes, colors, or forms. So it’s better for those who’re looking for some really special shower curtain ideas.

Look at our 3D abstract shower curtain with many colorful bricks. It can help transform your bathroom into a world of imagination and offer a daily dose of artistic inspiration.

Music Patterns

17. Music

A music-themed shower curtain idea

As a music enthusiast, why don’t you choose our music shower curtain with a collage of classic album covers? Such a shower curtain idea evokes memories of your favorite songs or concerts. It showcases your passion for music and your personal tastes.

As an eye-catching item, it changes your bathroom into a mini-music museum, immerses you in the fantastic world of music, and offers a daily dose of rhythm and melody.

Shower Curtain Ideas in Styles

Apart from colors and patterns, you can choose shower curtain ideas in different styles too.

18. Bohemian

A sun and waves bohemian shower curtain idea

As a classic fashion element, the bohemian style often represents a free-spirited and eclectic charm. Different cultures, particularly those from the Middle East, India, and North Africa, have mainly influenced its design. It comes in diverse colors and patterns. It’s often designed with tassels, too. A shower curtain idea in bohemian style is for those who’re seeking a touch of whimsy in their daily bathing space.

Choose our abstract sun shower curtain to introduce a touch of bohemian art to your bathroom. Turn your bathroom into a cozy, artistic sanctuary with the image of a radiant sun with wave lines. Bring you more relaxation, imagination, and creativity.

19. Coastal

A nautical-themed shower curtain featuring an anchor and lighthouse design

With motifs of waves, seashells, beaches, or nautical elements, a coastal shower curtain stands for the serene and refreshing vibes of the seaside. The colors used are often blue and white, like navy blue or sandy beige.

Your bathroom will become a tranquil coastal space with our nautical anchor shower curtain featuring the design of anchors, lighthouses, and vessels. Not only will it bring you a breezy and vacation-like vibe, but it’ll also provide fun and playfulness for both adults and kids.

20. Funny

A funny Dachshund shower curtain idea

Instead of a boring shower curtain idea, a funny one can help you escape from the pressure of your daily routine temporarily when bathing. Beyond its functions, a funny shower curtain serves more as a mood-lifter.

To make your bath time more refreshing and entertaining, try our new funny shower curtain. Designed with a Dachshund indulging in a bathtub and sipping wine, this shower curtain idea is sure to bring you smiles and laughter!

21. Trippy

A purple shower curtain with a smiley face on it perfect for adding some fun to your bathroom idea

Lead yourself to the psychedelic era with our trippy shower curtain idea. This curtain features psychedelic geometry and groovy cats, which refer to the groovy 1960s. Its bold colors and special patterns create an immersive visual experience. If you need a focal point for your bathroom, choose it to bring out the trippy vibes of our hippy-style shower curtain.

22. Luxurious

A white tub in a black and white bathroom with a luxurious shower curtain idea

In order to create an elegant and glamorous feeling, a luxurious shower curtain idea helps a lot. For colors, you can choose some neutral ones, like beige, gold, or silver. For texture, the ruffled texture brings more luxurious and romantic feelings. Similarly, a linen shower curtain is soft and has a natural element that will also upgrade your bathroom.

Two shower curtains look more luxurious than the traditional single one. Remember to use the curtain ties to pull the shower curtains away from the bathtub. An oversize shower curtain from the ceiling to the floor can also add an atmosphere of luxury. It’ll make the ceiling appear taller and the bathroom look bigger.

Shower Curtain Ideas for Different Occasions

A seasonal shower curtain idea captures the essence and beauty of different times of the year. Aside from reflecting the changes of the four seasons, it can also capture the different festivals to create a festive atmosphere.

For Halloween

23. Skull

A Halloween skulls and pumpkins shower curtain idea

As a popular Halloween element, you can see skulls everywhere during Halloween. To add more excitement for Halloween, why don’t you select our skull shower curtain? The design showcases dancing skulls surrounded by pumpkins and autumn leaves. It changes your bathroom into a haunted haven immediately.

24. Bat

A Halloween bats moon and stars shower curtain idea

A bat is also a common element in Halloween. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of bats. Our bat shower curtain is filled with adorable cat bats surrounded by stars and moons, which differ from common bats. Make the bathroom a whimsical sanctuary and indulge in the charm of Halloween at the same time.

For Christmas

25. Classic Christmas Style

A fesive Christmas shower curtain with a beautiful Christmas tree and an adorable rabbit.

A Christmas shower curtain idea is a festive addition to the bathroom, bringing the warmth and joy of the holiday season. It is always designed with classic Christmas elements, like twinkling lights, snowflakes, reindeer, or Santa Claus. It usually comes in red, green, or gold, reflecting the traditional colors of the season.

Let’s have an exciting party in the bathroom with a Christmas shower curtain! This year, order a special Christmas shower curtain to add more festive feelings to your home!


After reading the best 25 shower curtain ideas, we’re sure you’ll get a lot of inspiration to decorate your own bathroom! Don’t hesitate and choose your favorite shower curtain idea!


1. How to Maximize the Bathroom Space with Shower Curtains?

As the smallest room in most families, the design of the bathroom is always an afterthought. But sometimes, several trivial changes can control the whole look of a bathroom. Shower curtains are the perfect example. To make your bathroom look bigger, there are five useful tips.

  • Lifted shower rods: Lifting the rod closer to the ceiling will make the ceiling taller. In turn, your room appears larger.
  • Curved curtain rods: Compared with a straight curtain rod, a curved curtain rod makes the space look more spacious.
  • Horizontal stripes: This pattern makes the room look longer.
  • Vertical stripes: Similar to horizontal stripes, vertical striped curtains make the room look taller.
  • Extra-long curtains: The curtains that fall close to the floor will make the space look larger.

2. How to Clean and Maintain Shower Curtains?

  • Wash them, at least seasonally.
  • Washing them with or without a machine depends on the different materials. Please read the instructions carefully.
  • You shouldn’t dry or iron plastic and vinyl curtains by machine; only air-dry them.
  • With full care, a shower curtain can last a year or more.
  • Don’t forget a liner, especially for a fabric shower curtain.

3. How to Measure a Right Shower Curtain Size?

To learn how to measure for a shower curtain, read our another article 4 Essential Tips: What Size Shower Curtain do I Need Best.

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