28 Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas to Elevate Your Space

28 Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Known for its bold geometric shapes, rich colors, and lavish materials, Art Deco design is a timeless style that exudes sophistication and elegance.

In this article, we will explore how you can bring the opulence of the Art Deco era into your bathroom, from decadent marble fixtures to gleaming metallic accents. Get ready to elevate your daily routine with these inspiring Art Deco bathroom design ideas. 

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas: Color Palette

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

Let’s explore the vibrant color palettes that bring Art Deco bathrooms to life.

1. Black and White Combinations

Embracing a black-and-white color palette in your Art Deco bathroom design elevates the space with timeless sophistication. The iconic black-and-white tiles, often laid out in a geometric pattern, not only add a luxurious feel but also ground the space with a classic look.

Marble countertops can bring in an element of elegance. Meanwhile, the high contrast between black and white highlights the beauty of bold colors and patterns elsewhere in the decor. White subway tile can serve as a subtle backdrop, allowing the intricate designs of black accents to stand out.

2. Black and Gold

Dive into the opulence of a black and gold color palette to elevate your Art Deco bathroom into a realm of sophistication and luxury.

The classic combination of black and gold isn’t only about creating a visually stunning space. It’s about enveloping yourself in an atmosphere that exudes elegance and sophistication. Black, representing strength and sophistication, perfectly complements the warmth and wealth symbolized by gold. This duo is a timeless choice for your bathroom.

3. Navy Blue and Silver

Shift your Art Deco bathroom’s ambiance with a navy blue and silver palette. It can infuse the space with a blend of sophistication and modern elegance. Navy blue adds a depth and richness that’s both sophisticated and elegant, creating a strong yet refined backdrop.

When paired with silver, the look becomes undeniably glamorous. This blend brings in a touch of modernity that complements the timeless appeal of Art Deco design. These colors evoke luxury and work beautifully with metallic accents like chrome or nickel, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

4. Emerald Green and Brass

Let’s explore how an emerald green and brass color scheme can infuse your Art Deco bathroom with unmatched elegance and luxury.

This color palette is rich with emerald green’s vibrancy and brass’s warmth. It adds a layer of sophistication and opulence. The emerald green brings a lively, sophisticated touch. Brass accents introduce a radiant warmth. They ensure your space shines with a classic yet modern Art Deco flair.

5. Cream and Chrome

Embracing a cream and chrome color palette injects a sense of luxury and timeless elegance into the space. The creamy walls serve as a sophisticated and neutral backdrop. They allow the chrome fixtures to truly shine.

With their reflective qualities, chrome finishes add a luminous contrast to the softness of the cream tones. They create an ambiance that’s both luxurious and inviting.

6. Purple and Platinum

Dive into the opulence of a purple-and-platinum palette. It transforms your Art Deco bathroom into a realm of sophistication and contemporary elegance. The rich hues of purple bring a sense of royalty and luxury, enveloping the space in a lavish embrace.

In contrast, the sleek shimmer of platinum injects a modern twist. It adds a sleek touch that elevates the design to new heights. This exquisite combination not only exudes sophistication but also offers a contemporary take on the traditional Art Deco aesthetic.

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas: Materials and Textures

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

You’ll find that materials and textures play a pivotal role in crafting an Art Deco bathroom.

7. Mirrored Surfaces

Integrating mirrored surfaces amplifies the space’s luxury and creates an illusion of added spaciousness. 

These mirrored elements, whether part of a vanity, an accent wall, or simply decorative accessories, add a layer of glamour that’s hard to achieve with any other material. The reflective surfaces bounce light around the room, making your bathroom feel more open and luxurious.

8. Exotic Woods

Exotic woods like zebrawood, teak, and rosewood introduce a layer of warmth and luxury to your Art Deco bathroom. They set the stage for a truly sophisticated space. They’re the essence of opulence, with their unique grain patterns and rich hues adding depth and character.

9. Geometric patterns

By introducing bold geometric art deco designs, you can craft an environment that is visually engaging and steeped in style.

Think of using white tiles as your canvas, where angular shapes like triangles and diamonds come to life. These patterns create movement and contrast, especially when paired with brass accents that catch the light and add warmth.

10. Marble and Chrome

Marble, renowned for its luxurious appeal and timeless elegance, adds rich texture to the space. When paired with chrome fixtures, the result is a sleek and modern look that still nods to the glamour of the past. This blend not only enhances the room’s aesthetic but also elevates its sophistication.

Chrome, with its shiny finish, adds a contemporary touch. It ensures your bathroom feels both opulent and up-to-date. By incorporating these materials, you invest in a design that celebrates the best of Art Deco’s luxurious and opulent spirit.

11. High Gloss Finishes

High-gloss finishes are more than adding a sleek look; they’re about bringing a room to life.

The strategic use of high-gloss materials like glass and marble enhances the opulence of your bathroom. They capture and reflect light, creating a bright, glamorous ambiance. This combination of aesthetics and functionality makes high-gloss finishes a cornerstone of achieving the perfect Art Deco bathroom.

12. Textured Wallpapers

To elevate your bathroom’s elegance, consider incorporating textured wallpapers that add depth and sophistication to your walls.

Textured wallpapers can bring a rich and tactile experience to your space, mimicking luxurious materials like marble or metallic finishes. Think of the dynamic interplay of shadows and highlights created by the light catching on a geometric embossed pattern.

Pairing textured wallpapers with sleek fixtures and geometric accents harmonizes with the Art Deco style. This pair transforms your bathroom into a visually compelling and luxurious retreat.

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas: Fixtures and Fittings

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

When planning your Art Deco bathroom, the fixtures and fittings are pivotal in cementing the style.

13. Sleek Faucets

Sleek faucets embody streamlined modern designs. They serve as the cornerstone of Art Deco bathroom elegance. They often boast geometric shapes and polished metal finishes to amplify the space’s luxury.

Choosing chrome finishes can give a sense of elegance and refinement by blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic. These faucets, with their geometric shapes, enhance the visual appeal and emphasize the architectural precision typical of Art Deco design.

14. Statement Bathtub

In an Art Deco bathroom, a statement bathtub becomes the centerpiece that embodies the era’s luxurious and sophisticated style. Choosing a bathtub with gold fixtures, whether it’s a clawfoot design or a freestanding tub with elegant curves, elevates the luxury and adds a touch of timeless elegance.

15. Vintage Vanity

Your choice of a vintage vanity isn’t just functional. It’s a statement piece that brings together the luxurious essence of the era.

Brass fixtures and chrome fixtures are essential to achieving a glamorous vintage look. They shine brightly when exposed to light and add a touch of sophistication. Ornate details like decorative knobs and handles also help to create this aesthetic. Additionally, marble countertops on stylish metal legs offer a durable and exquisite surface for your grooming essentials.

16. Luxurious Lighting

To elevate your Art Deco bathroom, incorporate luxurious lighting fixtures and fittings. Consider tiered chandeliers and geometric-patterned sconces.

Tiered chandeliers bring a touch of glamour, casting a warm, inviting glow that highlights the rich materials and colors typical of Art Deco design. Meanwhile, sconces with geometric patterns reinforce the era’s iconic style, creating an elegant and modern ambiance.

Together, these lighting choices make a stunning statement, elevating the overall aesthetic of your Art Deco bathroom.

17. Decorative Mirrors

Incorporate decorative mirrors that flaunt geometric shapes like sunbursts and scalloped edges for a touch of elegance and luxury. When choosing an Art Deco mirror, focus on unique geometric shapes. These enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom and serve as focal points in your space.

Incorporating an Art Deco mirror, or even multiple mirrors, can create a sense of balance. They make your bathroom a functional space and a lavish retreat that pays homage to the timeless beauty of Art Deco design.

18. Patterned Tiles

Incorporating patterned tiles into your bathroom can dramatically elevate its elegance and sophistication, especially when you opt for designs featuring geometric shapes like squares, circles, and triangles. Mixing black and white tiles will create a visually striking effect quintessential to the Art Deco style.

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas: Accessories and Decor

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

To elevate your Art Deco bathroom, focus on accessories and decor that add elegance and personality.

19. Vintage Artwork and Posters

Adding vintage artwork and posters instantly adds a layer of nostalgia and character. These elements pay homage to the iconic era of the 1920s and 1930s and add a unique retro vibe that complements the luxurious and elegant aesthetic of Art Deco design. Look for posters that showcase bold colors and geometric shapes, which are signatures of the period, to create an authentic ambiance.

20. Decorative Objects like Vases and Sculptures

Imagine placing sleek vases or bold sculptures on mirrored trays. They enhance the luxurious feel of the space. Don’t forget the little things, like monogrammed towels that add a personal touch or crystal perfume bottles that serve functional and decorative purposes.

These carefully chosen accessories create a cohesive and visually striking design scheme that embodies the glamour and sophistication of Art Deco. Remember, these intricate details complete the look of your elegant bathroom.

21. Textiles

Incorporating textiles like velvet curtains or silk drapes can elevate the luxury and elegance of your Art Deco bathroom. These materials add a layer of sophistication and warmth. They seamlessly integrate with the bold design elements characteristic of the Art Deco style.

To further enhance this luxurious atmosphere, consider adding monogrammed towels. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they also offer a personalized touch that aligns with the bespoke nature of Art Deco design. These towels can act as decorative accents, tying together the artful elegance of your bathroom’s overall look.

22. Shower Curtains

Selecting the right shower curtain can dramatically transform your Art Deco bathroom, introducing a mix of elegance and bold design. When browsing for shower curtains, aim for those flaunting bold geometric patterns. These designs aren’t just eye-catching; they embody the quintessence of the Art Deco era. Choose curtains with metallic accents, such as gold or chrome, to elevate the luxurious vibe. They’ll add that perfect shimmer, enhancing the room’s overall allure.

Don’t shy away from black-and-white color schemes. These classic hues beautifully complement the Art Deco aesthetic, creating a sophisticated and timeless atmosphere. Finally, integrating Art Deco elements like chevrons, sunburst patterns, or angular designs into your shower curtain will ensure a cohesive and stylish bathroom decor.

23. Plants

Consider adding plants as dynamic decor elements to invigorate your Art Deco bathroom. They effortlessly contrast with the room’s luxurious materials and bold patterns.

Choosing plants of various shapes and sizes will introduce a natural, refreshing vibe that complements the space’s elegance.

Opt for geometric planters to echo the angular and symmetrical designs inherent to the Art Deco style. These planters can become statement pieces, enhancing the room’s visual interest.

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas: Flooring and Walls

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

The flooring and walls of your Art Deco bathroom also play a pivotal role in setting the luxurious tone.

24. Black and White Checkered Tiles

The beauty of black-and-white checkered tiles lies in their versatility. They blend seamlessly with various color schemes and decor styles. This makes them a perfect choice for anyone looking to infuse their bathroom with a touch of Art Deco sophistication.

These tiles can adapt to your needs, whether you are aiming for a minimalist look or a more elaborate decor. They ensure your space maintains an impressive and enduring sense of elegance.

25. Marble Flooring

Marble flooring elevates any bathroom with its timeless elegance. It offers a luxurious foundation that’s quintessentially Art Deco. You can’t go wrong with choosing marble. It’s a timeless material that transforms any space into a masterpiece.

Don’t overlook the charm of hexagon mosaic tile, either. This option combines the traditional allure of marble with a playful, geometric twist. It makes your bathroom flooring not just a surface but a statement. Marble flooring isn’t just about looks. It’s about creating an ambiance that’s both luxurious and inviting.

26. Bold Wallpaper Designs

Art Deco bathrooms come alive with bold wallpaper designs featuring geometric shapes and vibrant colors that instantly capture your attention. You make a statement with bold wallpaper that embraces geometric patterns, lush florals, and audacious colors.

Imagine stepping into a space where every inch, from floor to wall, echoes the grandeur of the Art Deco era. Metallic accents play with light, and Art Deco motifs tell stories of opulence and sophistication.

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas: Furniture

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

When considering furniture for your Art Deco bathroom, consider upholstered seating and innovative storage solutions that echo the era’s flair.

27. Upholstered Seating

Adding upholstered seating brings luxury and comfort. Imagine sinking into a velvet bench or stool after a long bath. The soft fabric adds an extra layer of indulgence to your relaxation routine. Opting for silk or velvet upholstery enhances the elegance and complements the opulent vibe characteristic of Art Deco design.

Choose rich colors like deep burgundy or emerald green for your upholstered pieces. Create a lavish atmosphere that beckons you to linger longer. Moreover, a monogrammed chair or ottoman adds a personalized touch, making the space uniquely yours.

28. Storage Solutions with Art Deco Flair

Now, let’s focus on how storage solutions with an Art Deco flair can enhance your bathroom’s functionality and style.

For a sleek look, incorporate mirrored cabinets with geometric detailing. Opting for lacquered or brass-accented shelving units adds practical storage and a distinct Art Deco elegance to your space.

These choices marry functionality with the opulence of Art Deco. They transform your bathroom into a space of timeless beauty.


In wrapping up, you have the blueprint to elevate your bathroom to an Art Deco masterpiece. Remember, it’s all about bold colors, luxurious materials, and elegant fixtures.

Don’t shy away from adding those lavish accessories and statement pieces of furniture. With the right mix, your bathroom won’t just be a space for routine. It’ll be your own personal speakeasy of style and sophistication.

Dive into this design journey and let your bathroom be a testament to timeless elegance.

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