Bathroom Bench Ideas: Enhancing Comfort and Style

Bathroom Bench Ideas: Enhancing Comfort and Style

Are you looking to add a touch of sophistication and functionality to your bathroom? Look no further than incorporating a stylish and practical bathroom bench!

From modern designs to rustic and charming options, the possibilities are endless when choosing the perfect bench for your space. Whether you want a place to sit and relax while getting ready in the mornings or need extra storage solutions, a bathroom bench can elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic and practicality. So why wait? Let’s explore some inspiring bathroom bench ideas to transform your space today! 

Types of Bathroom Benches

Bathroom Bench Ideas

Built-in Benches

Built-in benches transform your bathroom’s unused corners into practical storage and seating areas. They enhance both organization and design.

These built-in shower benches serve a dual purpose. They provide a place to relax in warm water as well as an innovative solution for bathroom storage. With a thoughtful bench design, you can ensure your shower seating is both comfortable and stylish, seamlessly blending into your bathroom’s decor.

Freestanding Benches

Freestanding benches offer an adaptable seating solution that enhances any bathroom’s style and functionality. Perfect as a shower seat or a spot to rest near the vanity, these benches are versatile enough to fit any design scheme, from rustic to modern.

A freestanding bench becomes even more valuable if you’re working in a small bathroom. You can move it around, providing flexible seating without taking up too much space. Additionally, these benches are a quick way to add a decorative accent to your space.

A freestanding bathroom bench is a stylish and functional choice, whether you’re looking for a piece to complement your freestanding bathtub or need an extra surface for towels and toiletries.

Bathroom Bench Ideas: Material Choices

Bathroom Bench Ideas

When choosing the material for your bathroom bench, you have various options.

Wooden Benches

Incorporate a wooden bench in your bathroom to introduce a natural, rustic charm that complements both modern and traditional designs.

Opt for durable woods like teak or cedar. This means you choose materials that can withstand a bathroom’s humid environment.

Plus, with the option to customize finishes, from staining to sealing, you can ensure your wooden bench perfectly matches the rest of your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Bamboo Benches

Bamboo benches emerge as an equally compelling choice for your bathroom. They offer sustainability and moisture resistance. These eco-friendly benches not only provide a sustainable seating solution but also add a natural touch that infuses your space with a sense of calm and tranquility.

Thanks to bamboo’s inherent durability and moisture resistance, you won’t have to worry about the usual wear and tear associated with bathroom humidity.

Metal Benches

Metal benches introduce your bathroom’s sleek, modern vibe, combining durability with a contemporary aesthetic. Their moisture resistance makes them ideal for your bathroom’s wet environment. This means you’re getting a bench that’s not only stylish but also practical and long-lasting.

Metal benches are incredibly versatile, easily fitting into various design styles. Whether you aim for a minimalist look or something more industrial, they can complement your decor seamlessly. Plus, their ease of maintenance is a real bonus. You won’t have to worry about extensive upkeep. Often, a simple wipe-down is enough to maintain their excellent appearance.

Stone Benches

Stone benches in your bathroom not only add a touch of elegance but also offer unmatched durability.

A marble bench can introduce a classic, luxurious vibe. It turns your space into a spa-like retreat. If you’re leaning towards something with a bit more grit, granite provides that earthy, rugged look while maintaining an air of sophistication.

For those who love a sleek, modern aesthetic, quartz benches are the way to go. These stone choices have unique textures and colors, making them versatile for various bathroom settings.

Acrylic Benches

Let’s now focus on the sleek, modern appeal of acrylic benches for your bathroom. These benches offer not just a versatile seating option but also enhance your bathroom design with their contemporary flair. Acrylic benches are a practical choice for any shower space. They’re incredibly easy to clean, making them ideal for your busy lifestyle.

In a small bathroom, an acrylic bench can create an illusion of space and light thanks to its transparent or colored options. This addition brings a pop of modern style to your bathroom, effortlessly complementing various design styles.

Porcelain Tile Benches

Porcelain tile benches stand out as a durable and stylish option that complements modern decor. These benches are waterproof, making them perfect for the high-moisture environment of a shower. They also add a sleek, contemporary flair to any bathroom design.

Porcelain tile is remarkably easy to clean and maintain. This means your shower bench will continue to look new with minimal effort. Plus, you can customize your bench with various tile colors, patterns, and sizes to seamlessly integrate it into your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Bathroom Bench Ideas: Design and Style

Bathroom Bench Ideas

When considering the design and style of your bathroom bench, you’ve got a range of options to match your taste.

Modern Minimalist

Embrace simplicity in your bathroom with a modern, minimalist bench design. This design features clean lines and sleek materials like metal and glass. It will enhance the functionality of your contemporary bathroom and elevate its aesthetic appeal.

When adopting minimalist design ideas, use a neutral color palette that integrates shades of white, black, grey, or natural tones. This contributes to a visually uncluttered and calming space. The focus on simplicity does not mean sacrificing functionality. Instead, these minimalist benches are as practical as they are stylish, avoiding excessive decoration for a contemporary and timeless look. 

Vintage Touch

Integrating a vintage bench into your bathroom infuses the space with a sense of character and timeless charm that complements modern designs.

Adding a vintage touch creates a personalized space that reflects a love for classic and timeless elements. Ideal for modern bathrooms with hard surfaces, a vintage bench softens the look and adds a layer of warmth, making your bathroom feel more inviting.

It’s a perfect way to blend the old with the new, ensuring your bathroom’s decor stands out while remaining functional and stylish.

Rustic Charm

Adding a rustic bench to your bathroom brings a unique warmth and charm, effortlessly enhancing the space’s overall feel and functionality.

These benches not only serve as a charming decorative element but also offer practical seating and storage solutions. For tighter spaces, a small zen-style stool can introduce a touch of rustic elegance without overwhelming the area.

Meanwhile, incorporating a storage bench with weathered wooden textures can add a semi-rustic charm, marrying functionality with style. This approach personalizes your bathroom and maximizes its utility, making every inch count.

Luxury and Elegance

Incorporating luxury and elegance into your bathroom bench design significantly elevates the space. Opting for materials like marble, quartz, or high-end wood finishes can transform a simple bench into a statement piece. These materials add a touch of sophistication and ensure durability and timeless appeal.

Consider a neutral color palette to complement these luxurious materials. Such palettes bring out the natural beauty of the materials, creating a serene and upscale atmosphere.

Upholstered Bench

Upholstered benches in your bathroom not only elevate comfort but also inject a layer of sophistication into the design. Imagine stepping out of your shower and sitting on a plush, upholstered bench as you dry off or apply lotion. This isn’t only about adding a piece of furniture. Instead, it’s about incorporating an element of luxury into your daily routine.

With various fabric options available, you can choose one that complements your bathroom’s decor while ensuring it’s suitable for a moist environment.

Floating Bench

After exploring the upholstered benches, let’s focus on the sleek and modern appeal of floating benches in your bathroom design.

Without visible support legs, these benches mount directly to the wall. They offer a minimalist aesthetic that can make your shower space larger and more open. The design choices are vast, with materials ranging from wood to marble or quartz, allowing you to seamlessly match the floating bench with your bathroom’s decor.

Corner Bench

Add a corner bench to maximize your bathroom’s space and style. It’s an ideal solution for small or cluttered areas seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Corner benches are perfect for small bathrooms, where every inch counts. They snugly fit into neglected corners, transforming into cozy seating areas without compromising floor space.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Benches

Bathroom Bench Ideas

To keep your bathroom bench looking its best, regularly dust it and wipe it down with mild soap and water. This simple cleaning tip is critical, especially for wooden benches, which are popular shower bench ideas.

These types of benches add a warm, natural element to your bathroom decor but need a bit more maintenance to stay beautiful. Periodically, you should apply wood polish or oil to keep the wood from drying out and cracking. Also, make it a habit to check for any loose screws or parts and tighten them to ensure your bench remains sturdy and safe.


In wrapping up, you’ve got a plethora of options when it comes to sprucing up your bathroom with the perfect bench. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer the sleekness of built-ins, the versatility of freestanding varieties, or the charm of different materials and styles.

Remember, it’s not just about looks; functionality plays a key role, too. And don’t forget, a little care goes a long way toward keeping your bench looking great for years.

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Can I put a bench in the bathroom?

Absolutely, you can put a bench in your bathroom to add both style and practicality. It’s a great way to enhance comfort. These benches offer extra storage and make your space more functional and inviting.

What can I use instead of a shower seat?

Alternative options for a shower seat include a sturdy stool, foldable chair, shower caddy with a seat, waterproof bath bench, or wall-mounted option.

Are shower benches a good idea?

Absolutely, shower benches are a fantastic idea! They not only add comfort and convenience but also enhance your shower’s safety and functionality. You’ll appreciate the added support and luxury of a more enjoyable shower experience.

What is the best bench to put in a shower?

The best shower bench is all about your needs. Teak benches are great for durability, while fold-down options save space. Consider marble for luxury or built-ins for a seamless look.

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