5 Proven Strategies: How to Keep a Shower Curtain Clean & Sparkling!

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The shower curtain, an indispensable bathroom supply in our homes, serves as a protective barrier preventing water from splashing out during showers. Not only functional, it also plays a significant role in decorating the bathroom. Understanding how to keep a shower curtain clean is essential to maintain its appearance and hygiene, ensuring it remains a useful and aesthetically pleasing element in our daily lives.

 However, recent research has shown that there can be mold and mildew on your shower curtain. Shower curtains are especially easy to get dirty. Most mold and mildew in the shower curtain are harmless to human health, but they can affect those who have suffered from immune system diseases, such as AIDS, or people with some open wounds on the body.

Therefore, it is important for us to regularly keep a shower curtain clean. By cleaning shower curtains and keeping mildew away regularly, you can prevent mold or mildew growth. Moreover, cleaning your bathroom can ensure your bathroom looks and smells fresh and can also keep you and your family healthy.

How Often Do We Need to Clean the Shower Curtain?

Learn how to keep your shower curtain clean in this stylish bathroom featuring a vibrant yellow and black shower curtain.

As we know, a shower curtain has the shower curtain itself and the shower curtain liner. Usually, cleaning a shower liner once a month will be enough. The shower curtain is not hung directly next to the water, so cleaning the shower curtain once every three months is enough. But it should be noted that if it consistently gets wet, you should clean it every month.

Cleaning tools and materials You’ll need to clean the shower curtain.

When you clean your shower curtain, you need to prepare the following things: detergent, vinegar, bleacher, one or two bath towels, and of course, a washing machine.

How to Keep a Shower Curtain Clean?

The approach to cleaning a shower curtain varies based on its material, playing a crucial role in the overall strategy of how to keep a shower curtain clean. Generally, no matter whether shower curtains are plastic or fabrics, they can be put into the washing machine, or you can wash them by hand in the following steps:

Use washing machines

A washing machine and basket of clothes on a blue background, demonstrating how to keep a shower curtain clean.

Firstly, you should take the shower curtain off the rings and put it into the washing machine. Secondly, you need to choose the suitable wash cycle and warm water setting of the washing machine. Thirdly, add a few drops of detergent, some white vinegar, and a cup of baking soda. These things can better clean your shower curtain because they can reduce mold growth on it. Then, you start the washing machine cycle to clean the shower curtain. Lastly, when finishing cleaning, you simply hang your plastic or fabric curtain on the rod to air dry.

By Handing Washing

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Some shower curtains are made of cotton, so you cannot put them directly into the washing machine. They can only be washed by hand. However, hand-washing the shower curtain is a huge task because the shower curtain is usually very heavy when it is wet. It is also very difficult to rinse completely, so washing it should be done with some materials, and you need to learn how to keep a shower curtain clean by hand washing.

Firstly, you need to fill a bucket enough to hold the shower curtain with water. Then you add some bleacher to the bucket and wait for the curtain to soak for about 5 minutes in the water. Next, you can remove the curtain and rinse it. Adding some clean and fresh water to the bucket with a few laundry detergents,  let the curtain soak for 15 minutes. When you finish the cleaning, you just need to hang your shower curtain to air dry.

How to Clean the Shower Liner

When people clean their shower curtains, it is easy to forget to clean the shower liner. Usually, you can just use washing machines to clean the shower curtain because shower liners are often made of materials like polyester, nylon, and vinyl.

So how do you clean the shower liner? First of all, you need to take the shower liner off the rings. Then, when turning on your washing machine, choose the delicate cycle and hot water setting. Next, you can loosely place the liner into the washing machine. You can add a few detergents and bleachers to the washing machine. Next, you start the cycle and finally hang and air-dry the shower liner.


When you wash your shower liner, you can wash one or two white cotton towels with it, as they can provide some scrubbing action and prevent shower liners from wrinkling.

How to Clean a Shower Curtain or Liner Without Removing It

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If you don’t have a large washing machine for your shower curtain or liner, or you just don’t want to remove the curtain from its rod, there’s an easy way to keep them. You can use some vinegar and water. They can easily wash away the grime because the vinegar will help break down mold and soap scum.

Firstly, you can xix vinegar and water in a spray bottle in a ratio of 1:4. Secondly, you spray the solution thoroughly until the inside of the curtain or liner is fully saturated. You can repeat this step on other parts of the curtain or liner that look particularly dirty. Then you need to rinse the curtain or liner with warm water. Finally, you just need to hang the shower curtain or liner back to dry.

  1. How to Clean Shower Curtain Rings: For the easiest and often overlooked part of “how to keep a shower curtain clean”, focus on the curtain rings. Simply remove the rings from the rod, and immerse them in a bowl filled with equal parts vinegar and warm water. This mixture works wonders in loosening grime. Once they have soaked, just dry them off.
  2. Tips for Drying a Shower Curtain and Liner in a Machine: When drying your shower curtain, consider using wool dryer balls. These natural, chemical-free alternatives to fabric softeners and dryer sheets not only expedite the drying process but also ensure your shower curtain emerges clean and wrinkle-free. Enhance the experience by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the dryer balls for a spa-like fragrance.
  3. Tips on How to Keep a Shower Curtain Clean: Consistency is key in maintaining a clean shower curtain. Always keep it closed after showering to facilitate thorough drying. Opt for body wash instead of bar soaps, which are notorious for causing scummy buildup. Employ a brush or sponge to address any residue that daily sprays might miss. Additionally, incorporate daily items like Fresh Wave’s for effective odor control. With these tips, you’ll not only keep your shower curtain clean but also prolong its lifespan.

FAQs for How to Wash a Shower Curtain

There are some commonly asked questions about how to keep a shower curtain clean.

Are shower curtains machine washable?

Yes, you can wash most shower curtains in the washing machine with white vinegar, laundry detergent, and gentle mode. For cloth curtains, use a high spin setting because they can soak up more water when you wash them. But some cotton shower curtains can only be washed by hand, which should be noted.

Can vinegar remove mold from shower curtains?

Yes, vinegar can get rid of mold on your shower curtain. You can spray it on the mold and wipe it off, or you can use hot water and vinegar to wash your bathroom curtain.

Should I clean a shower curtain with bleach?

While chlorine bleach can clean a shower curtain liner, it can also damage the environment in the long run and leave lasting stains on any liners that aren’t clear or white.

Try the above-mentioned baking soda paste instead, or add vinegar to the water when you soak the liner to get rid of tough mildew.

For a cloth shower curtain, you can wash it with a color-safe, non-chlorine bleach that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals and can be used on both white and colored drapes.

Final Note

If you prefer not to engage in the cleaning process, replacing your shower curtain is a viable and simple alternative to ensure your bathroom remains clean and appealing.

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