How to turn a curtain into a shower curtain:A bathroom with a bathtub and a window.

6 Practical Steps to DIY : How to Turn a Curtain Into a Shower Curtain Effortlessly

Imagine the soft rustle of fabric as you slide your new, chic shower curtain aside for a warm morning shower. You’ve taken a curtain that once danced with the breeze by your window and transformed it into the centerpiece of your bathroom.

It’s simpler than you think to repurpose a favorite curtain into a shower curtain that’s uniquely yours. With this blog, you will learn how to turn a curtain into a shower curtain easily and quickly.

Let’s dive in and make that ordinary curtain a standout feature in your bathroom refresh.

Key Takeaways for How to Turn a Curtain Into a Shower Curtain

Imagine taking that charming curtain and turning it into a statement piece that keeps the water where it belongs.

First, measure your shower’s width to ensure the curtain fits like a glove.

You’ll want to sew buttonholes across the top—trust me, these little guys are the secret to a sturdy hold.

Then, slide in those sleek ball-style shower hooks for a touch that’s as stylish as it’s practical.

Don’t forget the shower curtain liner. It’s your unsung hero, protecting your creative masterpiece from the water’s embrace.

With these simple steps, you’ll elevate your bathroom’s vibe in a snap!

Preparations Before You Get Started

Before you dive into the transformation, it’s crucial that you’ve got the right tools and materials at hand for the job.

You’ll need a trusty sewing machine primed for action. Precision is your ally here, as you’ll hem and craft with the finesse of a skilled artisan.

Don’t forget the shower liner. It’s your water-repelling sidekick and can ensure that style meets practicality.

And those ball-style shower hooks? They’re not just for show. They’ll glide with ease, hooking your masterpiece in place.

With every stitch and measurement, you’re not just sewing. You’re redefining your bathroom’s personality.

Now, let’s get started on this creative endeavor!

How to Turn a Curtain into a Shower Curtain

You’ve got that favorite curtain, and it’s about to meet its new home in your bathroom!

1. Choose a waterproof liner

How to turn a curtain into a shower curtain:A bathroom with green plants and a window.

To ensure your new shower curtain functions properly, you’ll need a waterproof liner that precisely matches its dimensions. Picture this: a curtain liner that’s the unsung hero, stealthily guarding against the sneakiest of splashes.

It’s not about just any liner. You’re after a shield that mirrors the width and length of your chic curtain. So, whether you’re rocking a standard shower or a bespoke space, measure up and ensure that the liner hugs each side like it was meant to.

2. Cut the liner if necessary

How to turn a curtain into a shower curtain:A person measuring the length of a shower curtain.

If your waterproof liner’s a bit too large, trim it down to match your curtain’s measurements perfectly. Imagine the satisfaction of tailored shower curtains swaying gently, a testament to your DIY prowess.

Here’s how to ensure your plastic liner and curtain panels harmonize like a well-rehearsed duet:

Measure twice, cut once:

  • Feel the thrill of precision with each measured line.
  • Experience the quiet pride of a perfect fit.

Pin and hem:

  • Revel in the transformation as a simple hem morphs fabric into functional art.
  • The soft whisper of the pin through the material is your canvas taking shape.

With your liner now a perfect accomplice to your curtain panels, you’re ready to conquer humidity with style!

3. Attach the liner to the back of the curtain

How to turn a curtain into a shower curtain:A woman is putting green fabric on a table.

Lay out your curtain flat and get ready to attach the liner. You have two options: sewing it for durability or using fabric glue for a quicker fix. If you’re handy with a needle, sewing will give your creation enduring strength, especially through countless showers. Stitch around the perimeter, and don’t forget to add a few buttonholes at the top for the curtain rings.

If sewing isn’t your forte, no worries—fabric glue is your trusty sidekick. Apply a thin, even layer along the edges, pressing the curtain liner firmly in place. Give it time to dry. And voilà, you’ve just transformed that ordinary curtain into a shower-ready masterpiece, all set for its debut behind the tub.

4. Add grommets for rings

A series of photos showing how to turn a curtain into a shower curtain.

You’re on the brink of transforming that chic curtain into a functional shower barrier!

Begin by marking where the grommets will grace the top edge, ensuring they’re spaced like peas in a pod.

Next, cut crisp holes and pop those grommets in, following the kit’s map to the letter.

Mark where the grommets will be

Begin your grommet placement process by evenly spacing and marking the locations across the curtain’s top edge where you’ll attach the rings or hooks.

Picture the transformation:

  • The grommet‘s gleam against the fabric.
  • The satisfying snap as they encircle the button hole.

Feel the anticipation:

  • The iron‘s hiss, smoothing the way.
  • The proud moment you hang the curtain, admiring your handiwork atop the curtain.

Ensure an even distance between each grommet

Marking the grommet placement is an important step. You also need to space them evenly, just like button holes marching in perfect harmony across the top. This will not only give your curtain a professional look but also ensure that it glides smoothly along the shower curtain rod. So, take your time to mark the placement of the grommets accurately, ensuring that they are evenly spaced.

Cut holes for grommets

After ensuring your grommet placements are evenly spaced, it’s time to cut the holes where they’ll be inserted.

Feel the excitement as you:

  • Make a buttonhole for each grommet. Imagine the sleek shower hooks gliding over the curtain.

Relish the transformation:

  • Sew buttonholes. Ensure your curtain-length cascades are perfect, ready to be swept onto the rod, heralding a fresh, renewed space.

Install grommets

After cutting the holes, you should secure each grommet according to the instructions provided in your kit.

This isn’t just another buttonhole stitch. It’s grommet glory! Dive into the tutorial and insert those shiny eyelets with precision.

Your step-by-step instructions are your guide to transforming that drab curtain into a shower statement piece.

Ready, set, grommet!

5. Fold and sew a hem at the top of the curtain

How to turn a curtain into a shower curtain:A close up of green and white curtains with pearls on them.

You’ll need to fold and sew a hem at the top of your curtain to provide a sturdy foundation for the grommets, which will ensure it hangs properly as a shower curtain. This isn’t just busy work. It’s the secret sauce to a shower curtain that stays chic and functional.

Picture this: every fold is a crisp line of defense, and every stitch is a warrior against wear and tear. Reinforce that top edge with zeal, turning a mere curtain into a bathroom staple that won’t let you down.

Grab your tools and channel your inner seamstress. With each fold, you’re crafting a masterpiece. With each hem, you’re fortifying a future free from fraying.

Once those grommets are in place, your transformed curtain won’t only look tailored but also hang with unwavering confidence.

6. Hang the curtain

How to turn a curtain into a shower curtain:A white shower curtain hanging on a metal rod.

After reinforcing the top edge with a sturdy hem, it’s time to hang your curtain. Attach the shower hooks through the newly created buttonholes or grommets. Choose either a tension shower rod or a curved rod that’s wide enough for your shower space. The curved rod will give you a bit more elbow room and a touch of elegance. Ensure it’s easy to hang by sliding each hook onto the rod and then fixing the rod in place.

Feel the satisfaction of DIY:

  • Pride in your custom, handcrafted creation.
  • Joy from adding a personal touch to your bathroom.

Relish the transformation:

  • Delight in the fresh look and functionality.
  • Bask in compliments from guests who notice your unique curtain.

How to Clean a Shower Curtain

How to turn a curtain into a shower curtain:A white bathroom with a washing machine in front of a window.

Maintaining your newly converted shower curtain’s freshness needs regular laundering to prevent the buildup of soap scum and mildew. Just like a regular window treatment, this curtain would appreciate a good, thorough cleaning.

To clean the shower curtain, toss it into the washing machine with a gentle detergent and a splash of vinegar for a scent refresh.

If it’s plastic, arm yourself with a sponge and show that grime who’s boss. After its battle in the wash, hang your curtain back up to air dry. Its cleanliness shines like armor in the steaming battlefield of your bathroom.

Keep it pristine, and your DIY shower curtain will keep your bathroom looking sharp.

How to Prevent Shower Curtains from Mold and Mildew

To protect your shower curtain from mold and mildew, ensure it’s made of a mildew-resistant fabric, and always use a plastic liner behind it. Transforming that charming window curtain into a shower safeguard doesn’t just add a personal touch; it’s a battle against the dreaded mold!

  • Feel the satisfaction: Imagine the pride in telling guests you did it yourself. Bask in a mold-free, fresh-smelling bathroom oasis.
  • Keep it practical: Regularly replace or wash your liner—no more grimy surprises. Swing by a fabric store to select materials that make any curtain resistant to unwanted guests like mold.

Embrace your inner designer, and don’t let mold and mildew rain on your parade!


Ready to bask in your bathroom’s fresh vibe? Your newly crafted shower curtain is the splash of style you’ve been craving.

Snip, hem, and hang—voila, a transformation! Keep it clean, fend off mildew, and that curtain will charm your space for ages.

Remember, this isn’t just a shower curtain. It’s a statement of your creativity. So, every time you slide it open, smile, knowing you’ve made a splash in more ways than one!


Can I use normal curtains as standard shower curtains?

Absolutely. You can use normal curtains as a shower curtain for a unique touch. Just ensure they’re properly sized, hemmed, and paired with a waterproof liner to keep your bathroom dry.

How do you make a window curtain into a shower curtain?

You’re transforming a window curtain into a chic shower curtain! Attach hooks, cut buttonholes for hanging, and pair it with a waterproof liner. Voila, your bathroom gets an instant, stylish upgrade.

What can I use if I don’t have a shower curtain?

If you don’t have a shower curtain, you can use a clear liner or a waterproof fabric as a temporary solution to keep water from splashing out.

Can you make a shower curtain out of any fabric?

You can make a shower curtain from any fabric, but ensure it’s waterproof or use a liner. Hemming and adding buttonholes or hooks will make it functional for your bathroom setup.

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