Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain?A blue and white bathroom with a shower curtain.

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain? 7 Clever Shower Curtain Tricks

Ever considered giving your bathroom an instant makeover by stepping out of the conventional and into the creative? What if the perfect shower curtain in your bathroom is one you’ve already admired in another room? That means: Can you use a curtain as a shower curtain? Yes, the idea of using a curtain—a conventional one meant for framing your windows—as a shower curtain is possible and can add a touch of personalized charm to your bath. With various fabrics, designs, and textures at your disposal, converting a curtain into a shower curtain allows you to put a unique stamp on your space.

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain? Key Takeaways

  • A window curtain can be a creative alternative to a standard shower curtain.
  • Using a curtain as a shower curtain can add a custom look to your bathroom.
  • There are practical considerations to consider, such as material and water resistance.
  • makeover using unconventional curtains can refresh your bathroom’s aesthetic.
  • This approach allows for a broader range of design choices to match your personal style.

Traditional Shower Curtains vs. Regular Curtains

Choosing between a standard shower curtain and transforming a window curtain into a shower cover isn’t just a matter of taste. It’s also about understanding the differences in their makeup and how each performs in a moist environment. While both options may hang on a shower curtain rod, the functional qualities and visual impact they offer can differ greatly.

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain? A bathroom with a colorful shower curtain and a bathtub.

Standard shower curtains are usually designed with the bathroom in mind. They feature water-resistant materials that prevent leakage and are easy to wipe down. They come in various thicknesses and often include features such as rustproof grommets and weighted hems to keep them in place. In comparison, regular curtains are generally made from more decorative, non-waterproof fabrics. They can add a unique design element to your bathroom, provided they are properly treated or lined to handle the exposure to water.

When considering using a window curtain as a shower curtain, think about the added visual flair. Decorative drapery offers many design choices with patterns, textures, and colors. These may be hard to find in standard curtains designed specifically for shower use. These decorative curtains can indeed be hung on a shower curtain rod. But you may need to ensure that the rod is robust enough to support potentially heavier drapery fabric, especially when wet.

Here’s a comparative outline to highlight the differences:

AspectStandard Shower CurtainRegular Window Curtain
MaterialWater-resistant and mildew-resistantVarious materials; may require waterproof lining
DesignFunction-oriented with limited patternsA broad range of colors, patterns, and styles
FunctionalitySpecifically designed for shower useRequires modifications for water protection
Rod CompatibilityLightweight, designed to fit any shower curtain rodMay require a sturdier rod, depending on the fabric weight

Ultimately, the choice between the two types of curtains depends on your needs for functionality and your desire to make a statement with decorative drapery. Consider the balance between aesthetics and practicality to ensure your bathroom remains stylish yet functional.

Pros and Cons of Using a Curtain as a Shower Curtain

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain?A bathroom with blue walls and a bathtub.

Thinking of giving your bathroom a fresh look? You might have considered curtains as shower curtains. This creative tip is a fantastic way to make your bathroom look unique. The curtains can showcase your personal style in unexpected ways. Let’s explore some of the wonderful finds and tidbits of information that come with using window curtains as shower curtains.


  • Customization: Freedom to select from a wider range of textures, patterns, and lengths.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Elevates your bathroom decor and differentiates your space from others.
  • Versatility: Opportunity to repurpose wonderful finds like vintage or custom curtains.

Imagine drawing a long shower curtain that cascades to the floor. It creates a look of luxury and indulgence. A thrift store gem or a forgotten piece stored away has the potential to become a stylish statement in your bathroom.


ConsiderationDownsidePractical Tidbits
Material SuitabilityNot all curtain fabrics are moisture-resistant, possibly leading to mildew.Look for materials that dry quickly or consider a waterproof liner.
MaintenanceWindow curtains may require more frequent cleaning or special care.Choose fabrics that are machine washable for easier upkeep.
InstallationMay need modifications, such as adding grommets or weights.Ensure you’re equipped with the right tools to create holes or hems.
Size AdjustmentsMost window curtains may need hemming to fit your shower dimensions.Measure your space accurately to determine the fit before alterations.

Keep these tidbits in mind and weigh the unique charm against the practical considerations when using window curtains as shower curtains. Would this approach craft the bathroom aesthetic you’re longing for? Consider the blend of style and function to ensure your bathroom is as practical as it is picturesque.

Considerations for Using a Curtain as a Shower Curtain

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain?A bathroom decorated with starfish and seashells.

Before you reimagine a curtain panel as a practical and stylish shower feature, weigh several factors that will affect its function and appeal. Not all curtains are cut from the same cloth. Some may offer a better experience in a moist environment than others. As you moonlight as an interior designer in your bathroom, keep these considerations front and center.

Water Resistance

One key factor is the material’s resistance to water. A standard curtain that can’t handle the humid environment of a bathroom is a no-go. Ensure that the fabric is either naturally water-resistant or can be treated with a waterproofing agent. For optimal protection and longevity, pair your chosen curtain with a reliable shower liner. They will keep water where it belongs and spare you from unexpected puddles.

Size and Fit

Size truly matters when it comes to converting curtains for your shower space. Measure the height and width of your shower area to determine if you need an extra-long shower curtain or if a standard length will suffice. To make sure you’re not left with awkward gaps that compromise function and form, review the curtain’s dimensions and compare them against your measured space. The right fit ensures coverage and contributes to a seamless look.

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain? 3d rendering of a bathroom with a tub and sink.


Using regular curtains as a shower solution should not come at the cost of privacy. Examine the opacity of your chosen curtain panel. If the material is sheer or semi-transparent, it may not provide the required concealment. Selections that provide full privacy should be prioritized so you can bathe in peace without feeling exposed.


Finally, the aesthetics of your new shower curtain must be in harmony with the rest of your bathroom. The style, color, and pattern of the curtain should complement your existing décor. Or, if you’re going for a full bathroom makeover, the curtain should serve as a statement piece that ties the rest of your design elements together.

AspectConsideration for the Curtain Panel
Water ResistanceNaturally resistant fabric or waterproof treatment, alongside a shower liner
Size and FitMeasure the shower area; opt for an extra-long shower curtain if necessary
PrivacyChoose materials that ensure concealment
AestheticsSelect a design that complements the bathroom décor or acts as a focal piece

Understanding these considerations, you’re now more equipped to make a thoughtful choice about whether to use regular curtains as shower accessories. With the right approach, your curtain can do more than dazzle. It can transform your bathroom’s functionality and style.

How to Turn a Curtain into a Shower Curtain

Transforming your curtain into a shower curtain is a creative and satisfying project. With a few tools and some know-how, you can sew a custom piece that adds personality to your bathroom. Whether you want to use one large panel or two window panels, follow these steps to create a bespoke drapery panel for your shower space.

Necessary Supplies and Tools

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain?An illustration of a sewing machine on a wooden table.

Before you begin, gather all the necessary supplies.

  • Sewing machine: Stitch through thick fabric.
  • Sharp scissors: Cut and trim.
  • Hooks or rings: Hang your curtain.
  • Grommets: Reinforce the holes.
  • A sturdy shower rod: Support your new drapery panels.

Preparing the Curtain

Start by measuring your curtain rod and shower area. Depending on the coverage you need, you may choose to sew two window panels together or attach hooks to a single panel. Cut your curtain to the appropriate length and width, leaving extra fabric for hemming.

Adding a Waterproof Liner

For practicality, your curtain will need a waterproof liner. You can either sew one directly onto the back of your fabric or choose a detachable option. Attach the liner carefully to ensure water does not seep through to the decorative panel.

Adding Reinforced Holes or Grommets

Reinforcement is key to durability. Sew in sturdy grommets along the top edge of your curtain, making sure they’re evenly spaced. These will help prevent tearing when you hang your curtain and add a professional touch to your project.

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain?A painting of a sewing machine on a colorful quilt.

Hemming and Finishing Touches

A clean hem gives your curtain an elegant finish. Fold the edges, pin them in place, and carefully sew around the entire perimeter of the curtain. Pay special attention to the corners, ensuring they lie flat and neat.

Installing Grommets or Shower Rings

Once your curtain is sewn and the hem is in place, install the grommets or attach the shower rings. Make sure they fit snugly and are compatible with your curtain rod. This step can really make your panel look bespoke and tailored for your space.

Hanging the Shower Curtain

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain?A bathroom with a bathtub and shower curtain.

Finally, it’s time to hang your curtain. Slide hooks or rings into each grommet and loop them over your curtain rod. Adjust the drapery panels as needed to create an even look, and voila! You’ve created a unique and personalized shower curtain that’s sure to add charm to your bathroom.

Safety and Maintenance Tips

When using a traditional window curtain in a new role as a shower curtain, you’re introducing it to an environment that sees a lot of moisture. It’s crucial to ensure proper safety and maintenance practices to protect your innovative bathroom setup. Let’s delve into preventing water damage and keeping your curtain looking pristine for as long as possible.

Preventing Water Damage

Can You Use a Curtain as a Shower Curtain?An image of a shower curtain with water droplets on it.

To keep your bathroom free from water damage, using a waterproof or plastic liner is essential. A reliable plastic liner is a barrier, repelling water and protecting your stylish cloth shower curtain from getting soaked. If you’ve opted for a long shower liner, ensure it’s properly sized to cover the full length of your curtain to prevent water from escaping onto the floor.

Always double-check that the curtain and liner are correctly installed and snugly fit within the dimensions of your shower to avoid any unwelcome water seepage.

Cleaning and Care

To keep your new shower curtain free of unsightly mildew, regular maintenance is key. Opt for cloth and plastic liners that are washable to make cleaning a breeze. This allows you to detach and throw them in your laundry. A mildew-resistant fabric is also a smart investment to maintain a clean, hygienic bathroom environment.

If your shower curtain is starting to look worn or if mildew is becoming a recurring problem despite frequent washes, it may be time to consider replacing it with a new shower curtain or liner.

Remember, well-kept shower curtains and liners not only maintain the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom but also contribute to a safer and cleaner space.


Diving into such a remodeling project nurtures your creative spirit. It showcases how a small change can have a significant impact on the overall look of your home. Remember, the key to success is to ensure that your chosen fabric is wide enough and hung higher to avoid getting wet. Remember to pair it with a plastic shower curtain liner for practical water resistance.

So, grab your materials and make your unique shower curtain!


Are window curtains strong enough to hang on a shower curtain rod?

Window curtains can usually be hung on a shower curtain rod. But it’s important to consider the weight and fabric of the curtain. Some may need extra reinforcement or a more robust rod. You might want to add reinforced holes or grommets to ensure they can support the weight when wet.

How can I make my bathroom look unique with curtains?

By choosing window curtains with distinctive patterns, textures, or colors, you can create a focal point in your bathroom that reflects your personal style. Consider using two-panel curtains for a dramatic effect. Or select an extra-long curtain for taller ceilings. With the right choices, your bathroom can look magazine-worthy.

How do you properly size a window curtain for use as a shower curtain?

Measure the width and height of your shower area to ensure the window curtain is large enough to cover the space adequately. If you have a standard-sized tub, look for window curtains that are at least 72 inches wide and long enough to reach just above the bathroom floor. For larger showers, you may need to consider extra-wide or extra-long sizes.

Can I use two separate window panels as a shower curtain?

Certainly! Using two window panels can be a chic and full-looking alternative to a single curtain. This setup can make opening and closing the curtains smoother and create a symmetrical appearance. Just ensure both panels together are wide enough to cover the entire shower opening and provide the necessary privacy.

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