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4 Essential Tips: What Size Shower Curtain do I Need Best

Well, well, well! You’re on a mission to find the perfect shower curtain to give your bathroom an instant upgrade. This manual will answer all of your pressing concerns and direct you to the dream curtain. Read this article and discover the best tip on how to choose a right size shower curtain.

Let’s start this exciting journey while holding your measuring tape in hand!

Why are shower curtains important?

A woman is showing in the bathroom,she needs a shower curtain to proof water.

The shower curtain is one of the largest decor elements in your bathroom. They are usually the focal point, so the type of shower curtain you use in the bathroom says a lot about you and your personal style. Choosing the best shower curtain may be a fantastic canvas if you use the proper design and size.

Shower curtains do more than just look nice. They keep water from leaking out of the tub or shower and give the person who is showering some privacy. If you don’t have one, it can ruin your bathroom floor and make it dangerous.

The best shower curtains may totally transform the space in addition to protecting your bathroom floor from water damage. A good shower curtain is like the superhero of your bathroom.

Shower Curtain Type

You’ll be surprised at the wide range of options when it comes to the best shower curtain type. There’s a whole world of options here, from the functional to the fabulous; there is something for everyone. Let’s explore some popular types to help you find the perfect match for your bathroom.

Material Type

The materials used in a shower curtain are important, as they affect their durability, maintenance, and appearance. The top three materials are vinyl, fabric, and PEVA/EVA

1. Vinyl shower curtain

A vinyl shower curtain with a bathtub, suitable for any size.

Vinyl shower curtains are a popular choice due to their low cost, durability, and resistance to water. They are easy to clean. However, low-quality vinyl curtains may release a chemical smell, so it’s best to choose a higher quality one.

2. A fabric shower curtain

A leaf with water droplets on a right size shower curtain.

Fabric shower curtains provide a rich, silly feel and come in various materials like cotton, polyester, and cotton-poly blends. Most of them are machine washable and easy to care for. It’s perfect for those who desire a more elegant and cozy bathroom atmosphere.

3. PEVA/EVA shower curtain

A PVEA/EVA shower curtain in a bathroom in a right size.

PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) are alternatives to PVC vinyl that are better for the environment. These standard shower curtains are water-resistant and PVC-free; they give off fewer dangerous chemicals. PEVA and EVA shower curtains are great for people who care about the environment.

Theme Type

After discussing the material types, let’s explore some popular shower curtain themes.

1. Solid Color

Solid-colored shower curtains look clean, simple, and classic. They can be used in many different ways, from neutral tones to bright colors, and can easily blend with any bathroom style.

2. Nature

A forest inspired shower curtain idea, when choosing what size shower curtain do i need.

Shower curtains with floral or natural themes are great for making a bathroom feel calm and peaceful. Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your bathroom. They can have pretty flower designs, lush foliage,or tranquil landscapes.

3. Animal

Animal-themed shower curtains are a fun and playful option for those who love wildlife. From adorable pets to majestic wild animals, these decorative shower curtains can showcase your favorite creatures while adding a touch of whimsy to your bathroom decor.


Novelty decorative shower curtains and curtains allow you to express your personality and interests. They come in a variety of fun and unique designs, such as comic book characters, food items, pop culture references, and so on. Novelty curtains are excellent for those who want to add a bit of fun to the bathroom.

With a variety of material and theme choices, there’s a shower curtain for every style and taste. CottonCat Offers Unique Shower Curtains Made From High-Quality Fabric To Elevate Your Bathroom Decor. Each Shower Curtain Is Created By Our Team Of Talented Designers, Ensuring That You Won’t Find These Styles Anywhere Else.

But if the curtain is improperly sized, water will splash all over your bathroom. You may slip on the shower curtain itself or get caught up in it.

 So, what size shower curtain do I need?

The standard size for a shower curtain is 72 inches by 72 inches across, but there are a few other less standard shower curtain sizes to consider as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right size for your shower curtain:

1. Measure your shower or tub.

Before you rush off to buy a shower curtain, it’s important to measure your shower’s or tub’s dimensions. This will help you pick the right size curtain for your needs. Use a measuring tape to measure from wall to wall or from the shower rod to the floor.

2. Consider the height of your ceiling.

If your bathroom has a high ceiling, you may want to consider a longer shower curtain. This will give your bathroom a more dramatic and elegant look. However, if your ceiling height is standard, a 72-inch shower curtain should suffice.

3. Choose the right width.

The width of your shower curtain should be at least as wide as your shower or tub, but it can be wider if you prefer a fuller look. A wider shower curtain rod height can also help prevent water from splashing out of the shower.

4. Look for extra-long or extra-wide options.

If you have a larger shower or tub, you may need a longer or wider shower curtain. These are available in a variety of sizes; it is important to take precise measurements before purchase.

In summary, when choosing the right size shower curtain, it’s important to measure your shower or tub, consider the height of your ceiling, choose the right width, and look for extra-long or extra-wide options if needed. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect shower curtain to complement your bathroom decor and keep your floors dry.

Shower Curtain Sizes for Different Bathtubs

Shower TypeSize (width across by length/height)
Standard shower72 X 72 inches, 70 X 70 inches or 70 X 72 inches
Extra tall shower70 X 84 inches or 72 X 84 inches
Extra wide shower144 X 72 inches
Stall shower54 X 78 inches
Oversized Showercustom-made
shower curtain size chart

Blue and white shower curtain with an oval motif surrounds bathtub.

Standard shower

A standard shower usually refers to a shower that is built into a bathroom with a standard size tub or shower base that is 60 inches long. For these showers, the typical shower curtain size is 72 inches by 72 inches. These shower curtains have an extra 12 inches of width to make sure they look full and have plenty of folds.

Extra tall shower

For an extra tall shower, you may need to consider a longer shower curtain. Measure the height of your shower and look for shower curtains that fit the height. It is not recommended for the curtains to pool or hang down on the floor. Usually 70 by 84 inches or 72 by 84 inches shower curtains fit the extra tall shower. To ensure the ideal fit, you can also have a shower curtain made to order.

Extra wide shower

Similar to an extra tall shower, you’ll want to choose a shower curtain that is wider than the standard 72 inches. Look for curtains that are broad enough to ensure full coverage and prevent water from splashing out. Don’t forget to add 12 inches to the width to allow for enough fabric for the folds to drape Again, custom-made shower curtains are also an option for an extra wide shower.

Normally, a 144-inch by 72-inch shower curtain fits most of the extra wide showers.

Stall shower

If you have a stall shower, which is typically smaller than a standard shower, you might find that a 54-inch by 78-inch shower curtain works better.

Oversized Showers

For oversized showers, measuring carefully and considering custom-made shower curtains may be necessary to ensure the perfect fit and best covering.

How to Measure Shower Sizes

How do I measure shower width?

To determine the width of a shower curtain, measure the distance between the ends of the shower rod’s curtain rings. The curtain should be wide enough to completely enclose the shower or tub. And to make it look better, add 12 inches for the curtain.

How do I measure shower height?

Use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the shower rod to the floor for an accurate shower curtain height measurement. When measuring the height of your shower curtain, make sure to consider the height of your bathroom ceiling and any additional space you may want for a more dramatic look.

How do I measure curved shower curtain rods?

When measuring curved shower curtain rods, you should take into account their full length, which is usually about 6 inches longer than standard rods. Most of the time, a 72 inch wide shower curtain will be enough, but you will only have 6 inches of free fabric. Test the proper curtain width by hanging a standard size curtain and checking for adequate coverage on all edges.

How do I determine the rod’s direction?

Select an interior or exterior mount. Inside mounts must pass through the gap between the walls. Mounts on the outside have more room to encroach outside the opening. Make sure the placement leaves no room for water to leak out onto the floor and provides total coverage. A regular shower rod has a maximum diameter of 1 3/8 inches.

Tips for Choosing a Shower Curtain

Tips for what size shower curtain do i need

Always start with size.

Choose a sheer or clear shower curtain if your bathroom is dark.

Use a shower curtain liner to protect your shower curtain.

If you have an oversized shower, buy two shower curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Shower Curtains

Should the shower curtain and liner be the same size?

Yes, the size of the shower curtain and liner should match. This helps to ensure that the liner provides full coverage and prevents water from leaking out of the shower. It’s also important to choose a shower liner that is made of a water-resistant material, such as PEVA or polyester, to provide maximum protection for your bathroom floor.

Does the shower curtain go inside the tub?

No, the shower curtain should go outside the tub or shower, and the shower liners should go inside the tub to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor.

How do I hang a shower curtain rod?

White shower curtain hung on shower curtain rod.

Choose the right place for the rod. Make sure the shower curtain can hang straight down from the rod without touching the floor or tub.

Find out how far it is. Measure the distance between the two walls where the rod will be mounted, and buy a rod that fits that measurement.

Put the mounting hardware in place. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer to put the mounting hardware in place. Most of the time, this means making holes in the wall and screwing brackets in to hold the rod.

Put the rod in place. Place the rod on the brackets by sliding it through the holes in the curtains.

Tighten or loosen:Adjust the rod’s tension to make sure it stays in place.

Install the shower curtain: Hang the shower curtain on the rod and adjust it as needed so that it hangs straight and doesn’t touch the floor or tub.

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