How to Keep Shower Curtains From Blowing In: 4 Best Sections for You

A bathroom with a clear shower curtain to keep shower curtains from blowing in.

Taking a hot shower should be relaxing and not irritating. Who wants to have their sleek shower curtain sticking to them? Not only uncomfortable, but it can also introduce germs and bacteria into cool air in the bathroom. So today, this article will provide you with 4 sections to help you keep shower curtains from blowing in.

Why does your shower curtain blow in?

A woman is showering while trying to keep the shower curtain from blowing in

The main cause of shower curtains blowing in is air pressure difference. When the shower is on, it lowers the air pressure inside the shower space while the air pressure outside remains higher.

This pressure difference causes the shower curtain to be pushed from high to low pressure side. It called Bernoulli’s principle.

Another reason is the flow of the water from shower head creats a vortex. It pulls the air along with the curtain towards the center of the shower area.

So the pressure difference in hot showers, combined with the vortex effect, whether it is a hot shower or cold shower, result in the shower curtain blows in and making an uncomfotable shower experience.

No matter what causes your curtains blowing in , there is a couple of tips to keep shower curtains from blowing in, where it needs to be.

4 Sections to Keep Shower Curtains from Blowing in

Section 1: Free Solutions to Keep Shower Curtains from Blowing in

Use Clothes pins:

A persons hands using wooden clothes pegs to keep shower curtains from blowing in

An easy way to keep shower curtains from blowing in and make them stay in place is to affix clothes pins on the bottom edge. And simply secure the pins on both the tub and the curtain, they will act as anchors for keeping shower curtain from blowing inward.

Tie a Couple of Knots at the Seam:

Another great way to keep your shower curtain steady and in place during relaxing bath, is to knot it near the bottom hem. It’s an easy, no-cost trick that adds weight to the fabric, giving it enough heft to stay down while you bathe.

Wet the Shower Curtain Liner:

A classic and straightforward method is to wet the shower curtain liner before starting your shower. When damp, the curtain tight so it stays stuck against the tub, lowering the odds of being drawn inward by air movement.

Section 2: Low-Cost Options [Under US$10] to Keep Shower Curtains from Blowing in

Utilize Suction Cups:

Two white suction cup used to keep shower curtains from blowing in

Suction cups can help stop your shower curtain from flapping open by easily adhering them along both sides of its top fabric surface. The trick is quick and cheap to execute!

Utilize Shower Curtain Clips:

A person using a shower curtain clip to keep shower curtain from blowing in

Shower curtain clips offer an inexpensive option for keeping your curtain secure, with different-sized clips designed to clip onto its top edge and attach securely to tub or walls. Once in place, these clips look aesthetically pleasing when installed correctly and offer hassle-free use.

Attach Binder Clips:

A group of black binder clips used to keep shower curtains from blowing in

Binder clips can also help add weight and keep the curtain from blowing inwards. Simply secure them along its hem to prevent its movement.

Add Magnets

A set of stainless steel magnets used to keep shower curtains from blowing in

Magnets can also be added to the shower curtain metal tub liner’s hem to act as a barrier and keep fabric firmly in place while blocking air leakage. They’re easy to attach without harming either your curtain or tub, providing another form of defense.

Magnets can also be sucked directly into one another to make the shower curtain heavier.

Install Lead Tape[Curtain Weights]:

How to sew lead tape on the bottom of a curtain to keep shower curtains from blowing in

To keep your shower curtain secure and avoid flapping inwards due to hot air behind it, lead tape can help secure it into its proper place by being applied around its hem.

This heavy material keeps everything stable while stopping any hot air behind the curtain from escaping and flapping openwards.

Section 3: Medium-Cost Options [10-30 US$] to Keep Shower Curtains from Blowing in

Buy Weighted fabric Shower Curtains

If you prefer more permanent solutions, invest in a weighted shower curtain with built-in weights to help secure it and prevent it from flying away during shower time.

Cottoncat offers unique shower curtains constructed from heavy quality fabric to make sure that your shower time remains enjoyable.

shower curtain idea with a giraffe and elephant.

Purchasing a Heavy Shower Curtain Liner:

Another alternative would be purchasing a heavy shower liner made of thicker fabrics that resist air movement, keeping your curtain secure in its place.

A heavy shower liner to keep shower curtains from blowing in

Section 4: High-Cost Options [Above US$30] to Keep Shower Curtains from Blowing in

Install a Curved Shower Curtain Rod:

For a reasonable price, you can invest in a curved shower rod. This item will help contain the curtain and keep it from blowing inward. The curved shape works to push it away from you and towards the shower wall, which acts as a barrier against any air flow coming in.

A bathroom with a curved shower curtain rod to keep curtains from blowing in

No longer need to deal with shower curtain attacks! Now there are practical solutions available that will prevent it from blowing in and provide a more relaxing and enjoyable shower experience.

Adding weight, purchasing a curved rod or purchasing Cottoncat’s shower curtains are sure to transform your shower – give these tips a try and regain control of your bath time!

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